Verbatim 4x CD-RW rewritable discs.

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Verbatim 4x CD-RW rewritable discs.
Item Category: 
Data Storage
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Data Storage: CD CDR CD-R recordable discs, CDRW CD-RW rewritable discs
_Brand Name: 
Item Name: 
Verbatim 4x CD-RW rewritable discs.
Item Name Official: 
Verbatim 4x CD-RW rewritable discs.
Item Description: 

Verbatim CDRW, 700mb Data-CD, 80 minutes Audio-CD, 10 Pack, rewritable CD-RW, max recording speed 4x.

Item Description2: 

For use with CD / CD-R writers, DVD writers, Blu-Ray writers capable of up to 4x writing speed on CD-RW media.

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