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Stationery Supplies, Office Supplies supplier UOS Corporation in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Here are the entire list of Stationery Supplies, Office Supplies that are supplied by UOS Corporation.

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Energizer Max AA Alkaline Batteries, Comes in 4 Pack, 8 Pack


Mouse Tape, white tape corrector, Japan.

Immediately rewriting, clean, fast, precise.

Paper Mate Correction Pen.

Cutting Tools

Pen Knife / Pen Knives.
Scissors with stainless steel blades, comfortable handles, Model 170.


WINPAQ Envelopes: Stationery, Office Supplies.

Exercise Books

Square Book 400 Numbering, Exercise Book, hard cover.


Master Arch File / Ring File / Insert Binder.


Office Zone glue stick.


Artline 6600 Fluorescent High Lighter, for Paper, Fax and Copy.
Stabilo Boss highlighter markers.
Stabilo Swing Cool highlighter marker.

Index Dividers

Lucky Star Index Dividers, A4 paper size.

10 colours index, A4 paper size.

Laminating Films

Lucky Star Laminating Film, A4 size 100 sheets, 100 micro m.

Laminating film, A4-size, 220 x 307mm, 100 um / 100 micrometer, 100 sheets.

Sunflower Laminating Film, A4 size, 100 gsm, 100 sheets.

Laminating films, A4-size, 220 x 307mm, 100 um / 100 micrometer, 100 sheets.


Brother M-Tape thermal P-Touch tape cassette.

Color / Colour: Black-Green, Black-Gold.

For use with Brother P-Touch series Labellers.


Artline 70 Markers, High performance, Xylene free.


Optical or Wireless Mouse.


Lucky Star Premium Colour Paper, A4 Size, 450 Sheets.

Color / Colors: Lucky Star CS-160 Yellow, Lucky Star CS-120 Blue, Lucky Star CS-130 Green, Lucky Star CS-100 Ivory.

80gsm, A4-size, 450 sheets.

Paper Clips

Penguin triangle Paper Clips, Big box.

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